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Our Virtual Choir

"If I cannot Fly, let me SING!"
~ Stephen Soundheim ~

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much do I have to pay to join Our Virtual Choir?

Our Virtual Choir is FREE. We want to have fun singing and encourage community participation, virtually!

What songs will we be singing at Our Virtual Choir?

Our Virtual Choir sings an assortment of repertoire. Folk, Jazz, Classical, Contemporary, Pop, Hymns and Traditional styles of songs. For presently available selections [Click Here].

How do I Download the audio click_clap track recording to my computer?

1) Navigate to the webpage for the specific song.
2) Left mouse "Click to Listen or Download" link to play voice part.
     (In the new screen a white oval will begin playing the sound track.)
     (The white oval right side has 3 vertical dots to open a "Download box.")
3) Click "Download box" opens computer "File Explore" to download file.

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